How Long Should I Expect Each Visit To Take?

Your first visit will include a thorough evaluation and establishment of a plan of care based upon your specific needs and goals. Depending on time, the first visit will include initial treatment and will take up to an hour. Follow up visits typically last 30-60 minutes depending on necessary treatment rendered.

What Should I Wear To PT Visits?

Loose fitting clothing which allows access and/or visualization of body part. We do have shorts and tops in the clinic for use as well.

If you are being seen for custom orthotics, please bring shoes that you wear often. For women’s health/men’s health, come as you are.

Do I Need To See a Physician or Doctor Before I Can See a PT?

No, you do not need to see a physician before you see a Physical Therapist. Most insurance carriers find that seeing a PT first is beneficial and most cover PT these visits. Contacting your insurance company to verify if a referral is needed is beneficial, as particular insurance plans vary. If your care requires physician consult, we work closely with many excellent physicians and can refer out appropriately.

Will My Insurance Cover Physical Therapy?

Most insurance carrier policies include Physical Therapy as a benefit. The details of your policy can vary widely. Our front desk staff will perform an insurance verification and be able to discuss details with you once known.

Are You In-Network With My Insurance?

We are in-network with most insurances. Please call our office with your insurance information and we will perform an insurance verification.

Who Will Be Seeing Me?

You will be seen by a Physical Therapist. Our PT’s are highly skilled and have undergone extensive training.

Can I Come To Your Clinic Even If My Prescription Lists Another Clinic?

Yes, absolutely! You have the freedom to see the Physical Therapist of your choice.

Does PT Hurt?

No Pain, No Gain is a mantra of the past. Most conditions do not require increased pain to improve, in fact quite the opposite. Many of our patients report feeling better rather quickly, even within the first session for most conditions. There are few occasions where some short-term pain or discomfort is necessary for improvement, though, fortunately these occasions are more rare. Pain medications before PT is an option and may be discussed with your Physical Therapist.

Why is PT a Good Choice?

Physical Therapy is an integral component of patient care that has been widely accepted because the treatment is proven effective for many conditions. Additionally, Physical Therapy can help you prevent injury or illness in your every day activities.

How Many Visits Will I Need?

This will be determined/estimated on the initial visit and will be discussed with you by your Physical Therapist. Your goals for treatment will guide these decisions.

How Does The Billing Process Work?

Our staff will perform an insurance verification and review your insurance PT benefits with you. Your physical therapist will submit clinical notes and billing codes to insurance. Your insurance will process each PT visit and render to you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) including any amount you may owe.

We use and work closely with Flatirons Practice Management, a company that processes and handles our insurance claims billed. Feel free to call them regarding any questions regarding your claim. Their number is (303) 546-9158.

We accept cash, check, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover). We now have online 24/7 payment option.

If you don’t have insurance or would prefer not to bill through insurance, we have a competitive rate self-pay option. We charge $100 for an initial evaluation and $85 for follow-up visits.


To make an appointment please call us at (303) 674-1594.